Third Master Plan

Kuwait’s first master plan was commissioned in 1950, its second in 1967, and its third in 1997. The third master plan was then reviewed in 2005. Recently, a Fourth Master Plan has been signed. In the article The Aftermath of a Masterplan for Kuwait, Sharifah Alshalfan writes, “the most recent Kuwait master plan is merely an extension of the previous master plans prepared during the second half of the twentieth century in Kuwait… the principal planning parameters are the same: a business center in what used to be the old city, self-sufficient residential neighborhoods beyond, and various zones for industrial, commercial and leisure activities.” Along Fahad Al-Salem, these three buildings stand out as some of the newest. The 32-floor Rakan Tower was completed in 2005, the Kuwait Building Tower in 2012, and the Al-Jon Center in 2007.

Here are some older photographs of Fahad Al Salem that come from the work “Kuwait” by Ralph Shaw, published in 1976.

These come from “Kuwait: Miracle on the Desert,” published in 1970 and the last two come from “Voice of the Oud.”

Here are some old postcards found on ebay or at the Bait al Othman museum that show Fahad Al Salem:

These images were found through getty images or here


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