Second Master Plan

When Kuwait’s first master plan was commissioned in 1950, the country was still a British protectorate. In Acquiring Modernity, Hassan Hayat writes, “after gaining independence, a plan was approved to develop Kuwait City as a Central Business District and it continued to decimate remaining elements of the old city. A Second Master Plan was commissioned in 1967 to continue growth beyond the First Master Plan. From all over the world, Kuwait commissioned great architects and engineers to brand its identity with monumental infrastructural and institutional works. The Kuwaiti people were reminded of their old city when they saw the markets and mosques which remained untouched by the rampant destruction.” The stock market crash of 1982 and subsequent recession slowed development down. Three buildings along Fahad Al-Salem Street built during the second master plan phase are Al-Muthanna, Salhiya, and the Marriott Hotel. According to Modern Architecture Kuwait, Al-Muthanna began construction in 1979. Le Méridien Hotel (now the JW Marriott) and the luxury shopping center Salhiya Complex were also built around this time.


  1. […] Al Shaab Gate is probably the most visited of the five gates of the old city wall as it stands within Shaheed Park today. Below you can see photographs of the city wall in the 1950s before it was torn down and the process of the wall being demolished. I find the image of Al Jahra Gate with the Thunayan Al-Ghanim Building particularly striking. All of those mud brick homes are gone, replaced with such structures as the Anwaar Al-Sabah buildings and Salhiya Mall. […]


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