Sibeel Duaij in Mubarakiya

The history of water in Kuwait is fascinating and deserves many more posts, but I’ll start with this particular site from the 19th century in Mubarakiya. This “water charity foundation” was founded in 1876 by the Al-Duaij family, who came to Kuwait from the Najd in the 17th century. According to Kuwait Transformed by Farah al-Nakib, “prominent individuals… provided the townspeople with access to free fresh water in tanks. Most well known was Abdulaziz Ahmed al-Du’aij, who built a large tank in the suq that he kept filled with water brought at his own expense from the water import dhows or brought in by camel from one of the freshwater wells outside of town.” You can find the historic site on google maps as “Sibeel Duaij.” You can also see the location of the site (Bin Duaij Market) on the map of Mubarakiya on this map, it is right near SoMu. The old pictures of Kuwait below come from the book The Voice of the Oud by the late Jehan S. Rajab, an English woman who married a Kuwaiti man named Tareq Rajab in the 1950s.

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