Samarqand Restaurant & Beit Alcedra

Here are some more interesting places located in Sharq! I first learned about Samarqand Restaurant from an illustration (pictured below) by Zahra Marwan. It’s a great restaurant! I can’t find any information on how old it is, but it seems to be a staple restaurant in the area. Here are some other lovely pieces by Zahra that relate to Sharq in Kuwait: Sami Mohamed making sculptures from beach stones, catching locusts, and the Kuwait National Fish Company. Here’s some more info on that last building from Abdulraouf Murad. Within walking distance of Samarqand Restaurant is Beit Alcedra. It is a store filled with various home goods and decorations within an old house dating from the 1920s. In this article, the owner Mohammed Alhumaidi talks about preserving the house, “to match my antiques with an antique setting.” Finally, around the corner from Beit Alcedra (just beyond the Hub Cafe on Gulf Road) is the old home of Fahad Al Salem. You can’t enter, but here are some photographs of the interior from the blog of Maha Alessa.

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