Documentaries about Kuwait (1940s – 1970s)

A Short Film on Kuwait’s Old Neighborhoods

Excerpt from Alan Villiers – ‘Sons of Sinbad: Sailors and Pearlers of the Persian Gulf’ (1940)

Old Kuwait

Al Baladeya Kuwait

Kuwait oil reserves (1947)

Kuwait in 1948

Oil from Kuwait (1958)

Failaka Island in Kuwait 1953

Mishref Palace (1958)

Close Up on Kuwait (1960s)

Border Build Up (1961) and British Troops Defend Kuwait (1961)

Kuwait Celebrates Independence Day (1964)

Kuwait at Night (1965)

Old Markets

The Cruel Sea (1972)

Kuwait Folklore – Kuwaiti traditional music – English documentary 1973

Kuwait by John Feeney (1974)

Kuwait in 1975, a different Kuwait in 1975, and Kuwait in 1977

Interviews with Violet Dickson here and here

Various clips from Huntley Film Archives (one, two, three, four, five)

In this Huntley Archival video you can see the Sheikh Khazal Palace when it served as the national museum, in this video you can see the Al Salam Palace

You can also watch the Huntley Archives on their website

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