Interesting Places in Salmiya

Here are some interesting places in Salmiya:

  1. Imam Hussein Mosque – built in 1986, this mosque has a capacity of 6,000 worshippers.
  2. Al Khalid Complex – a great little shopping center built in the 1980s. There’s a restaurant “Fresh” which serves classic breakfast food and has a garden full of sunflowers.
  3. Zeri Crafts – this shop is located along Gulf Road in an old beach chalet.
  4. Barayeh Salem – a cute pedestrian street with some neat artwork of Kuwaiti media.
  5. Gold Suq – located directly behind/across the street from Marina Mall is one of Kuwait’s gold suqs. Adjacent to it is a brand new Ottoman-style mosque
  6. Antique Mall – Just a little further down Salem al Mubarak Street is this great antique mall, located in the basement of one of the complexes

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