Kuwait in National Geographic

Here are articles that mention or are entirely focused on Kuwait that have been published in National Geographic:

  • November of 1948 there was an article entitled, “Sailing with Sinbad’s Sons” by Alan Villiers
  • December of 1952 there was an article entitled “Boom Time in Kuwait” that focused on how the government was using the income from oil to “improve the lot of all its people”
  • May of 1969 there was an article entitled “Kuwait, Aladdin’s Lamp of the Middle East.” The images below come from that ’69 article. You can read more about the now-demolished Gazelle Club here!
  • October of 1975 there was an article entitled “The Arab World, Inc.” that explored the new-found wealth in the Gulf region
  • August of 1991 there was an article “After the Storm” detailing the consequences of Iraqi military forces setting fire to oil wells at the end of the war


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