Maps of Kuwait

The first map above is a roadmap of the Gulf that dates to the 1970s. The second shows downtown Kuwait. The third comes from Wildflowers of Kuwait, the fourth from Birds of the Arabian Gulf. The fifth map was found on abebooks. It dates in 1929 and is a, “unique hand-drawn map of the Arabian Peninsula and Iraq by the Turkish cartographer, scientist and cadastre specialist Halid Ziya Türkkan, who was appointed Head of the Science Committee of Istanbul’s new cadastre office in 1925.”

The maps below come from Wildflowers of Kuwait by Violet Dickson, Kuwait Was My Home by Zahra Freeth, a book posted on the blog 248, Kuwait: Enchantment of the World, Keith Well’s Wizr series, Farah Al Nakib’s Kuwait Transformed.

From a geography syllabus for foreign schools, produced by the Ministry of Education in the 1970s

From Wildflowers of Kuwait by Linda Shuaib

From Kuwait: A Nation’s Story by Peter Vine & Paula Casey

Listed for sale on abebooks

From Kuwait: A Meed Practical Guide, published in 1985

The maps below are for sale on ebay, abebooks, or etsy

Listed for sale on Sothebys

From the 1991 National Geographic Article “After the Storm,” a poster, an academic paper, a page from the book “Kuwait in Pictures” and “Shipmasters of Kuwait”

From a 1976 map on ebay

From the 1972 book Kuwait: Prospect and Reality by Zahra Freeth

From the flickr of Mohammad Abdullah

From the David Rumsey Map Collection and Historic Pictoric

From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

From the First Master Plan

Cartographic Analysis of Urban Expansion in Kuwait and Map of Kuwait published in June 1951 in the Illustrated London News

From the Qatar Digital Library

Physical copies of maps

Not specifically of Kuwait, you can see these maps of the routes of famous Muslim travelers at the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center


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