Hard Rock Cafe Kuwait

Along the corniche in Salmiya, there used to be a hard rock cafe from sometime before the war until it was closed around 2014. It was torn down and the restaurant Babel was built in the same spot. You can see a video visiting the restaurant here and pictures of the abandoned restaurant before demolition here. Above are pieces of memorabilia found for sale on ebay. Below are t-shirts made to celebrate the reopening of the restaurant following liberation. The seller of the zippo lighter wrote that it is, “one of my own Gulf War souvenirs… this depicts artillery damage to the front of the hard rock cafe with a ‘closed’ sign up.”

One comment

  1. Greetings. I was living in Kuwait when Hard Rock opened. It was late ’04 or early ’05. Surely post war. I thought the building was new. If there was war damage to the building, then obviously the building predated the war but Hard Rock definitely did not. Again, I remember the grand opening and it was ’04 or ’05.


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