Gazelle Club

The Gazelle Club opened in the early 1960s in Abu Halifa. The club, “included many activities such as horseback riding, water skiing, swimming, sports and mental games. The club also contained a cinema, snooker hall and a ballroom.” In 1969, National Geographic published an article about Kuwait entitled “Aladdin’s Lamp of the Middle East” where they mentioned the club as a popular place for wealthy foreigners and well-to-do Kuwaitis. A 1971 New York Times article entitled “Kuwait Finds Money Isn’t Everything; Idle College Graduates Pose Problem” mentions that, “at the Gazelle Beach Club, which offers Parisian cuisine and American fountain specialities along with waterskiing and horseback riding, a few of the most affluent older Kuwaitis are learning to play the way some rich Europeans and Americans do.” The building was damaged during the invasion and never reopened. The photos above come from this website. The building has since been torn down, you can see more photos of the abandoned building here, photos of the club when it was active here, and a video compilation here.

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