Abandoned Places in Kuwait

Here are some noteworthy abandoned places in Kuwait:

Down near the border with Saudi, adjacent to the Aquamarine Hotel & Resort, there is an abandoned chalet right along the water.

Kindergarten from the 1960s in Al Jahra

Abandoned site in Al Salmi desert, near the border with Saudi Arabia

Older homes, as well as an unfinished hotel, in Bneid Al Gar

In Shuwaikh, there is the abandoned Kuwait House of National Works (you can read about it when it was open here), Kuwait Society for Human Rights, which now apparently has its center in Hawally, and the Kuwait Economic Society. Also in Shuwaikh, right near the renovated Al Salam Palace, there are quite a few abandoned chalets.

Across the street from the Kuwait Towers

Abandoned homes in Salmiya, near Marina Mall.

Across the street from Palm Palace in Salmiya.

Across the street from the American International School.

In Jabriya, next to Hadi Clinic, used to stand this abandoned house. It has since been torn down.

Paintings from a now demolished abandoned shopping complex in Hawally

Kuwait Shipping Company Headquarters

In Salmiya, attached to(?) Abou Johny restaurant

Older homes in Qadisiyah

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