Old Amiri Hospital

According to Roberto Fabbri in his article Fragmentarium, The American Mission Hospital was built by the Arabian Mission of the Reformed Church. The land was granted in 1911 by the late Amir Mubarak at the far edge of town after a missionary doctor successfully operated on his daughter. The missionary regarded Kuwait as the door to evangelize Arabia, but their aspiration was met with skepticism from the local population. The first medical facility was erected between 1913 and 1914… in steel frames and concrete… the technique aroused great interest in a city habitually built in mud bricks. The last construction in the compound, Mylrea Memorial… was inaugurated by the Amir in October 1955. Al-Amricani remained operational until 1967 when it was deemed obsolete and subsequently closed.” Today the building houses the Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah (DAI) collection.

According to An Illustrated History of Kuwait, the first Kuwaiti state-led hospital was opened in 1949. Fabbri writes that, “the traditional local typology was the courtyard house, introverted and centripetal towards the inner patio.” Today the Amiri Hospital is located along Gulf Road, but its original building (closed in 1970) still stands next to Tijaria Tower. In her article Souq Brutal, Sara Saragoça Soares writes of the nostalgia that developed for buildings such as this after the invasion, saving them for demolition.

You can see more photographs of the abandoned hospital in this flickr gallery, in this video, and on the blog of Maha Alessa. On this instagram post, Maha Alessa shares some pictures of a school in Qatar that is almost identical to the old Amiri hospital in Kuwait.

These photos were taken in 2005 and come from the flickr of Simon W. They show the hospital before it had a protective gate around it.

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