Ship Graveyard

You can read about this ship graveyard located in the Doha district on Athoob Al-shuaibi’s blog. She writes that, “When the sea tides farewell the shore near Doha, a shocking secret is revealed. Tens of scuttled and abandoned ships, covered by the tide, lay stranded on the sandy seabed floor, exposed to the sun and the surrounding landscape.” In Jehan Rajab’s work The Voice of the Oud she writes in her chapter on Kuwait Shipbuilding that, “until the early 1960s it was possible to watch the shipwrights at work along the seafront. Due… to an expanding city with new roads and houses, the builders were moved from the seafront in Kuwait town and out to Doha. This area also possessed the necessary sloping sandy foreshore and the deep water for the off-loading of logs form the Dhows carrying them.” Obviously the boats at the “graveyard” today are not dhow ships (and I’m having trouble finding information about the story of these particular ships), but there’s just a little history on the area!

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