Natural Scenery

The Danish explorer Barclay Raunkiær said in 1913, “Kuwait is emphatically a town of the desert and the sea.” Here are some of the natural sites of Kuwait:

Jal az Zor/Mutla Ridge: In her work, Wildflowers of Kuwait, Linda Shuaib writes that, “the land of Kuwait is composed of sand and gravel desert with occasional outcroppings of rock. Jal az Zor, the escarpment along the north of Kuwait Bay, is the only feature that really makes a scenic impact. Skirting Jahra one can see the line of the Zor Hills to the north. The road to Basra cuts through them at the Mutla gap. From here the hills continue westwards to Artrat becoming lower further inland. The highest part of the escarpment and the most impressive scenery is to the east of Mutla. Between the sea and hills, running along the north side of Kuwait Bay, is the road to Sobiya.”

Sabkha: Shuaib tells us that in the southern part of the coastline of Kuwait there is, “a vast expanse of sabkha (the Arabic term used by all for saline flat or salt marsh: only plants that can tolerate salt grow here).” And that, “not counting grasses, at least sixty different plant species have been found here.”

There is also the Jahra Nature Reserve

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