Shatea Alwatyia Restaurant

According to this article, “the oldest Kuwaiti restaurant in the country is Shatea Alwatyia restaurant in the Behbehani Homes complex in downtown Kuwait behind the Sheraton.” This article says that, “ the restaurant—which is based out of a kitchen and was run by a grandmother—has grown to become one of Kuwait’s most popular spots, serving great food while giving you a look into Kuwait’s past.”


  1. […] The work from Khattab dates from the early 2000s, I was told that now only three of the houses are still residential units and that perhaps only one person lives there full time. The complex is in Kuwait City in the al-Watia area, which apparently means “footmarks” in the Kuwaiti dialect as people used to stroll beside the sea shore and leave their footmarks on the sand. Within the complex there is the great old style restaurant Shatea Alwatyia. […]


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