Vintage Books on the History of New Mexico

After finishing the Peace Corps in 2017, I returned to Albuquerque and began teaching the History of New Mexico at a local high school. Initially, I was not super thrilled with the position as I would have preferred to teach U.S. or World History, but it ended up sparking a deep love. Since then, I’ve continued to learn and collect interesting books (mostly from thrift stores) about New Mexico, although my small collection pales in comparison to this woman!

  • A Journey Through New Mexico History by Donald R Lavash. Generalist textbook, originally printed in 1971 and most recently re-printed in 2006, I own a 1980 edition.
  • A Child’s Story of New Mexico. Generalist textbook, published in 1960. I found this copy at Roughriders Antiques in Las Vegas, my favorite vintage store in the state. The book comes with doodles from a child named Ruth! Unsurprisingly, much of the way our history is presented is very problematic.
  • Heroes, Hexes and Haunted Halls by Gilberto Aspinosa, 1972. One of my favorite things about buying used books is finding little notes people wrote in them when gifting the book years ago.
  • The Lady from Toledo by Fray Angelico Chavez. A historical novel set in Santa Fe, First Edition 1960. It has some great illustrations!
  • The Story of Ernie Pyle by Lee G. Miller, 1950. Ernie Pyle was a war correspondent during WWII, you can visit his house and library today.
  • Roundup on the Pecos by Elvis E. Fleming, 1978. The story of Chaves County, down south!
  • Los Chicanos: An Awakening People in the Southwestern Studies Journal, 1970.
  • Sunshine and Health in Albuquerque, Eleventh Printing in 1936. Pamphlet about quality of life and sanitoriums in New Mexico for TB patients.

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