Sites Along Gulf Road (3)

According to this Kuwait Times article, “Al-Seif Street (now known as Gulf Road) was considered the most important and longest street in old Kuwait. It ran from Sharq to Qibla and included many famous landmarks and commercial and occupational centers that were the main backbone of the country’s economy and a source of livelihood in the past.” Here are some of the sites along it you can see today:

  1. Old Central Bank of Kuwait: Kuwait’s Central Bank was established in 1959. According to the book Modern Architecture Kuwait, “after winning concept for the National Bank of Denmark in 1961, Arne Jacobsen was commissioned to design the Central Bank of Kuwait. Only nine years after its completion, the building was altered in order to get closer to what was the original intention of a more Islamic architectural structure.” The new central bank building, built in 2015, is also along Gulf Road and was designed by the same firm (HOK) that designed the famous Baku flame towers in Azerbaijan.
  2. Al Seif Palace: dating back to the 19th century, it has been modified and expanded upon over the years
  3. Grand Mosque: opened in 1986, you can read more about this impressive mosque on these posts by Maha Alessa.
  4. Al Babtain Library for Arabic Poetry: built in 2002, the foundation behind the library hosts festivals to, “shed light on Arab contemporary poets… in order to hand down to the next generations the love of poetry.”
  5. Al Shamlan Diwan: built over 100 years ago by a prominent ship merchant
  6. Dickson House Museum: the home of British diplomat Violet Dickson for many years, it is now a great little museum! Across the street is the old dhow harbor.
  7. Thank you Allies Painting: painted after the war, you can see the painting in newer condition screen grabbed from a documentary from the early 90s.
  8. Maritime & Modern Art Museums: two great museums next door to each other showcasing Kuwaiti artists and the history of Kuwait’s seafaring past. Nearby is also the restored Bait Ghaith
  9. Bait Al Cedra: behind the cafe “The Hub,” this store is within a house from the 1920s
  10. Sheikh Khazal Palace and Bait Al Ghanim: if you walk down Jasim Mohamad Al Bahar Street, across from Porto Ponas Cafe, you can see the ruins of these two structures


  1. […] Gulf Road: there are so many interesting sites along Gulf Road, this walking route is certainly not fit for one day, but instead one can explore the places along the road over several different days: Al Salam Palace to Al Bahhar Village, National Assembly to Al Seif Staircase, Old Central Bank to Sheikh Khazal Palace […]


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