Bneid al Gar Gate

In his work Shipmasters of Kuwait: A Glorious Era Before the Oil Discovery, Khaled H. Bourisly writes about the old city wall and its five gates. He says that the final wall originally had four gates but that, “in the year 1927, another gate was added to make a total of five. The wall also comprised 26 war towers. In the Kuwaiti dialect, such towers are referred to as ‘ghowals.’ Bneid-Al Gar Gate has now become a part of the Dasman Palace. Al Shamiyah Gate was named so because it was located close to Al-Shamiya Village in the olden days. Al-Shamiya village was mainly known for the various drinking water walls it possessed. Al Jahra Gate was built on Al Jahra road, hence got this name. Al Magsab gate was the latest gate to be built in 1927. Al Magsab is a term used to refer to the place where lamb, cows and camel were slaughtered for their meat and sold. The rest of the fence was demolished by the government in 1957, but the five gates remain even today, as silent spectators to the changing history of this country.” Today, the Bneid Al Gar Gate can be seen along Gulf Road, on google maps it is listed as “Al-Sharq Gate.”


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