Old Photos of Fahad Al Salem

According to the chapter “Framentarium” by Robert Fabbri in the book Urban Modernity in the Contemporary Gulf, “for a decade, (Fahad Al Salem) became Kuwait’s badge of modernity, depicted in all the postcards, official publications, and international magazines illustration Kuwait’s progress.” The book below–Kuwait Today: A Welfare State–was published in 1964. The map comes from the American Women’s League of Kuwait’s Yellow Pages, published in 1976. The old postcards were found on ebay.

The sketches below are from Saba George Shiber’s The Kuwait Urbanization.

The images below are from this flickr, Kuwait: A Miracle on the Desert and Kuwait by Ralph Shaw.

These photos of Fahad Al Salem come from Bader Shaiji‘s instagram account, where he gives the following information:

  • 1961: the most important and prominent street in Kuwait, on the right in the distance is Al Muthanna School
  • 1961: the intersection of Fahad Al Salem with Abdulaziz Al Saqer Street and Al Muthanna School
  • 1961: we can see the Salhiya police station under construction
  • 1962: Carlton Hotel in the middle of Fahad Al Salem
  • 1966: to the left is Al-Muthanna School, which has been replaced with the complex
  • 1967: the Jahra Roundabout
  • 1967: at the top is Fahad Al Salem Street and the municipal garden
  • 1968: Fahad Al Salem Street

These screengrabs are from a series called “Simple Fixes” by architect Asseel Al-Ragam

These photos show the Al-Ghanim building and the Anwar al Sabah buildings under construction. Here are some more postcards, found on delcampe, and a book.

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