Fatima Mosque

According to the book Modern Architecture Kuwait: 1949 – 1989, the Fatima Mosque was built between 1972 and 1976 in the Abdullah Al-Salem neighborhood. Before the completion of the Grand Mosque in 1986, it hosted the largest religious events in the country. The photo of the mosque are as follows: taken by myself in 2020, the book “Kuwait in Pictures,” taken in 1972 by the father of Ahmad Alnusfi, from a piece from Raweco, from the MIT library, Mark Lowey, the instagram of Ali al Rais, postcards found on ebay, and here. The wonderful piece of artwork is by Dana Al Rashid. “What makes the design of this mosque special are the conical dome and candlestick-like minarets, in addition to the existence of many side doors that prevent the crowding of worshippers as they enter and exit the mosque.”


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