Roundabout Mosque

It has been somewhat challenging finding information on the roundabout mosque in Kuwait City. On Google Maps it is called “Al Shamlan,” but the book Kuwait in Pictures: Visual Geography Series calls it “Al Hilaly” (see below). This Kuwait Times article about roundabouts mentions the mosque. An aerial image of the mosque is included in an 1969 National Geographic article about Kuwait. The illustration of the mosque and black-and-white photograph come from The Kuwait Urbanization by Saba George Shiber. The final photograph was posted on reddit.

Here are old postcards found on ebay featuring the Roundabout Mosque.

This map from 1978, published by the Kuwait State of Commerce and Industry, shows the mosque. The 1976 book “Kuwait” by Ralph Shaw also features images of the mosque. The book “Business Man’s guide to the Arabian Gulf States” published in 1971 features an aerial image of Kuwait with the mosque visible.

These images come from this article.

Here is a model of a planned, but unbuilt, bus station from the MIT Library–you can see the mosque in the background.


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