Modern Mosques of Kuwait

There are hundreds of beautiful mosques in Kuwait with a diversity of architectural styles. The ones below are as follows:

  • Al Othman: opened in 1958
  • Fahed Al Salem: opened in 1968 and located in Salmiya
  • Fatima: opened in 1976
  • Sheikh Nasser Al Sabah: opened in 1981 and located in Ras Al-Salmiya
  • Grand Mosque: opened in 1986 and located in Kuwait City
  • Imam Hussein: opened in 1986 and located in Midan Hawally
  • Bilal Bin Rabah: opened in 2013 and located near the iconic water towers
  • Faris Abdul Rahman: opened in 2013
  • Imam Al Baqer: opened in 2017 and located in the Zahra neighborhood
  • Essa Al Othman: an ornate mosque near Shuwaikh
  • Badriya Nasser Al-jeyan: opened in 2021 and located behind Marina Mall in Salmiya

Here are old postcards found on ebay featuring several of the mosques above.


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