Historic Post Office

Behind the Mubarakiya School, you can find a historic post office. According to Mohammed Abdul-Hadi Jamal in his work History of Postal Services in Kuwait, Kuwait’s importance as a trading center led to the establishment of postal services in the country first under Sheikh Abdullah I, who ruled from 1776 to 1814. At this time, “postmen used camels for carrying letters from Kuwait to Syria–the service was known as the desert express.” In 1915, the first official post office opened in Kuwait. It was located in the Dickson house and remained there until 1929. New technologies changed how mail was delivered around this time; in 1923, the Nirm brothers began to operate overland mail between Baghdad and Haifa using trucks and in 1927 the British Royal Airlines established an airmail route between Baghdad and Cairo. In the 1940s, Kuwait’s post office was moved to the Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk for a time and in the late 50s, a post office was opened in Safat Square (the present location of Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait). From then on, stamps featured various aspects of life of Kuwait, which you can see below.

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