Daytrip to Ahmadi

The Kuwait News Agency writes that, “Al-Ahmadi City is associated with the glorious development of Kuwait in the modern era. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber… established the city for the oil company employees. With the success of oil exploration in Burgan field and export of the first shipment of oi from Al-Ahmadi port in June 1946, Al-Ahmadi began to grow and prosper, and became central in the petroleum industry while hosting headquarters for the oil companies. The city sits on a ridge, which rises 400 feet above sea level. The residents of the city were a mixture of various Arab nationalities in addition to European expats who formed large majority which had the impact on the nature and the layouts of the city.” Here are some of the sites you can visit in Ahmadi today:

The Catholic Church, which was established in the 1950s

The Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition

Ahmadi Market, which the photographer Huda Abdulmughni documented in a 2015 project


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