Sites on Mubarak Al Kabeer

Mubarak Al Kabeer street runs from Al Shaab Gate to Al Seif Palace, here are some of the interesting places along the way:

  • Al Shaab Gate: one of the gates from Kuwait’s old city wall
  • Iron Monger Market or Souq Safafeer: across from Tijaria Tower, you can read about this location here
  • Awqaf Complex: an interesting mall from the 1980s. Further down and across the street is an interesting abandoned building, I’m unsure what this building used to be, but I love the design of the arches
  • National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters: according to Kuwait Modern Architecture, the building of the NCCAL was completed in 1962. The authors tell us that, “the inside of the public lobby features porcelain murals that are themed with images taken from Failaka in the Hellenistic era. Before today’s use, it functioned as the Ministry of Guidance and Information and also housed the first printing press in the country.” Behind the NCAAL is where Sawaber used to stand
  • Imam Sadiq Mosque: a beautiful old mosque that was the site of a horrific tragedy in 2015
  • Lots of cafes and restaurants: this article from 2004 describes the revival of the street in the early 2000s from these types of businesses
  • Abdelrazaq Gate Tunnel: according to this post, it was built in the 1980s
  • Gulf Bank Headquarters: another notable modern building
  • Al-Sahhaf Mosque: a lovely mosque, across the street is a great Lebanese restaurant “Mayar”
  • The Grand Mosque: Kuwait’s state mosque, it was completed in 1986. Across the street is the historic Al-Hamdan mosque

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