Bait Al Othman Museum

Bait Al Othman, opened in 2013, “aims to document the pre-oil era of Kuwait’s history and culture.” The museum is located in an old renovated home from the 1940s. Some other historical buildings in Hawally include Rashid Mosque and Qattan Mosque. In his work Shipmasters of Kuwait, Khaled Boursily describes Hawally before its modern urbanization. He writes, “Hawally was a little village before the 1940s set in. It had many water-wells and was a major source supplying drinking water for the entire Kuwait City. Today we have a huge traffic signal connecting Hawally, Qadsiya, Shaab and Daiya one hat is known as Cairo Street. But in those days, this location had a huge well called ‘Saad.’ The Saad was a central hub of hectic public activities and was surrounded by camels, horses, donkeys and carriages filling their small leather bags and shipping containers with drinking water. They later sold the water in the downtown area. But nothing remains of that little, quaint village today.” Bait Al Othman museum includes many sections focusing on everything from the discovery of oil, the history of the theatre in Kuwait, antiques, the traditional set up of homes, wildlife (there are live birds in one room!), traditional architecture, and more. Next to the museum is Yadawi.

On this flickr you can see the museum in 2009 before its renovation


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