Walking Kuwait (1)

The weather between the months of November and March are absolutely lovely in Kuwait and allow for one to go on long walks. These are some routes I have taken and the sites along them. There is a walking route in Mubarakiya and then the sites along the streets Fahad Al Salem, Abdullah Al Salem, and Abdullah Al Mubarak, which all lead to Mubarakiya. There are also two walking routes in Sharq.

Mubarakiya: the historic market of Kuwait, here are just some of the sites

Fahad Al Salem: my personal favorite street in Kuwait, it showcases the urbanization from the 1950s to the present through its different buildings

Abdullah Al Salem: along with Fahad Al Salem, it was designed in the 1950s to be one of the “first modern streets in Kuwait”

Abdullah Al Mubarak: another street in Kuwait City that leads towards Mubarakiya

Mubarak Al Kabeer: walking Kuwait can be difficult, but this street is comparatively easier

Sharq: the old maritime quarter of Kuwait City, here and here are two different routes

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