While I was living in Kuwait, I was able to travel to Jordan. A beautiful country with so many historic sites, here are some of the ones I was able to visit:

Petra! Undoubtedly the highlight. Walking through the Siq to reach the treasury is so exciting. At its peak, around 30,000 people lived in this wealthy trading center. It was conquered by the Romans in at the turn of the 2nd century CE and after a few earthquakes during late antiquity, it faded into obscurity. Its location was kept secret by locals for centuries until the 1800s when Petra, “became the focus of Western European obsession with the Arabic orient.”

Wadi Rum: known for its stunning landscapes, you can see Nabatean petroglyphs stretching back thousands of years

In the capital of Amman you can see a 2nd century Roman theatre and the citadel, which has different archaeological sites dating from various periods. There is also Jerash an hour to the north, beautiful ruins of a Greco-Roman city.

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