Sheikh Khazal Palace

This palace was built by Sheikh Khaz’al of Muhammarah, a friend of Sheikh Mubarak, in 1916. After his death, his widow continued to live in the building. Freya Stark went to visit her in 1937. The building served as the Kuwait National Museum from 1957 until 1976. The building began to deteriorate and was further damaged during the invasion. It is currently on the tentative list to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The older photographs of the building come from “Kuwait by the first Photographers” and Maha Alessa’s instagram. Across the street are the ruins of the Al Ghanim house. Here and here are interesting posts with old photographs of the palace from Ali al Rais.

Here are photographs of a tour of the ruined palace in 2012 from this flickr account.

The images below come from “Voice of the Oud” by Jehan Rejab.

The ruins are near the British Embassy, which was built in 1935. The photograph of it below comes from “Kuwait by the First Photographers.” The postcard dates to the 1950s. The last two images come from The Kuwait Urbanization by Saba George Shiber.

This map from the 1970s, published by the Kuwait State of Commerce and Industry, shows the house when it still served as the Kuwait National Museum. Nearby a TV station is pictured, where perhaps Iftah Ya Simsim was filmed? The postcards were found on delcampe.

These images were found here


  1. […] In her work The Voice of the Oud, Jehan Rejab includes some photographs and information on the Bayt Al Ghanim House. She writes that it was built around 1915 by Sheikh Khaza’al and notes how the building was unique in some of its features. Today the building is in ruins, but is protected by a gate (that features these same photos seen in Voice of the Oud) so may be renovated! It is located across the street from the ruins of the Sheikh Khazal Palace. […]


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