Kuwait in the 2000s

The first two photos below apparently show what it looked like across from Souq Sharq in 2004-2005. The first photo comes from this account, the rest from this account. The small brick home was apparently just south of Marina Mall, but I believe that it no longer stands. The Shamlan bin Ali bin Saif AlRoumi Mosque looks quite different now. The abandoned police station has since been turned into the Police Museum.

These images come from the flickr of Simon W and date to 2005. The first two are of Bait Al Ghanem, today it has a fence around it.

These photos come from this flickr account and date to 2004-2005.

These images come from this flickr, of an American soldier who was in Kuwait in 2002.

These photos were taken between 2003-2005 by Bob McCaffrey. It is interesting to note how much the “Thanks Allies” painting has faded.

Some lovely photos from Ali Bukhamseen

From the flickr of Mohammad Abdullah

These photos come from Debi K, Anna, Samira Akil Zaman, Hunny Alrohaif.


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